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Elastomeric Cable are the first choice for flexible application and in congested locations where the bending radii are very small. These rubber cables are available from low voltage upto 33 kV grade with Elastomeric Cables Manufacturers. SCI is the Best Elastomeric Cables Manufacturer & Supplier in India.

1.1K.V Grade, Tinned Copper Conductor, VIR/EPR/SILICONE Insulated, Cores Laid Up And Overall TRS/CSP/PCP Sheathed Cable “ISI MARKED”.


Multi Stranded Circular Shaped Tinned Copper(Class 5) – IS:8130/1984.

Separator Tape

A Suitable Tape Made Up Of Suitable Material Between The Conductor And Insulation.


VIR/EPR/SILICONE(Type —1E1/1E2/1E5) – IS:6380-84


Natural Or Synthetic Elastomer Suitable For The Operating Temperature And Compatible With The Insulating Material.

Outer Sheath

TRS/CSP/PCP(Type—SE2/5E4)Can Be Used For Outer Sheath To Suit A Variety Of Environment Conditions.

Minimum Bending Radius

6XD(Up To 25 Mm2), 12XD(Above25mm2);D-Overall Diameter Of Cable(Mm).

Admissible Pulling Force (When Pulled With Pulling Eye)


Additional Option If Required

  • Inner Sheath: TRS/CSP/PCP Rubber

  • Textile Braid: Braiding Of Textile Material Such As Twin Cotton, Nylon Yarn, Rayon Over Inner Sheath To Provide Extra Mechanical Strength.

  • Glass Fiber Braid :Braiding Of Glass Fiber Yarn As Outer Sheath To Provide Extra Resistant To Heat.

Best Elastomeric Cables Manufacturer & Supplier in India. Best Elastomeric Cables Manufacturer & Supplier.