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Shyam Cables, one of the best house wire brands, manufactures house wires with higher electrolyte grade, bright annealed copper for improved conductivity.

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One of the best brand for house wire, Shyam Cables manufactures house wires using higher electrolyte grad, bright annealed copper for better conductivity. This is the reason, Syam Cables is among top 10 house wire in India. Insulated with in-house formulated and manufactured PVC compound, our house cables are excellent fire and heat retardant characteristics at different working condition. Emergency efficiency, better reliability, highest level of safety and energy saving makes is optimum choice.


Shyam Cables is the recognized brand of Industrial Wire Manufacturers. In the advanced time of technology and gadgets, there is high need of electricity and in order to do get the connections with that electric power, it requires the wires and cables to pass the electrons and the current freely. The wires and cables are used in many applications. We are manufacturing these Industrial Wire by using the best quality of raw material which is been sourced from the exclusive vendors in the market.