Welding Cables Manufacturer Shyam Cables


The welding cables manufacturer is Shyam Cables and the specifications are as follow – Copper/Aluminium Conductor With General Purpose (TRS)/HOFR Elastomeric Compound Sheathed Welding Cables  “ISI MARKED”

Welding Cable Specifications.


Multistranded Circular Shaped Copper/Aluminium – IS:8130/1984.

Seperator Tape

A Suitable Tape Made Up Of Suitable Material Between The Conductor And Outer Covering.

Covering/Outer Sheath

General Purpose(TRS)-Type(SE1)/Heat Resisting, Oil Resisting And Flame Retardant(HOFR)-Type(SE3) Can Be Used For Outer Sheath To Suit A Variety Of Environment Conditions.

Minimum Bending Radius

6XD(Upto 25 Mm2), 8XD(Above 25 Mm2); D-Overall Diameter Of Cable(Mm)

Admissible Pulling Force (When Pulled With Pulling Eye)

Copper – 50N/Mm2


Designed For The Secondary (High Current) Connection To Automatic Or Hand — Held Metal Arc Welding Electrodes. It Is Suitable For Flexible Use Under Rugged Conditions, On Assembly Lines And Conveyor Systems, In Machine Tool And Automatically Operated Line And Spot Welding Machines.


Earthing/Return Leads, Power Feeds To Electrolytic Plating Process, Busbar Connection, Transformers, Generators, Aircraft Servicing Equipments Etc.